Coronavirus Response

Sunday, June 26, 2022 Update:

Out of precaution for everyone’s health, we’re having to cancel service this morning. We’ve got 2 positive COVID tests that have emerged within the congregation, and 3 other people with symptoms currently. For now, this is just a one week cancellation, but we will keep everyone posted. We will be putting up a Bible study resource on the church Facebook page and the website for people to use at home today. 

We believe God gave us this pattern early on the pandemic to try and keep our congregation and community healthy. There are not many churches in the area trying to be safe places for people who are extra cautious during the pandemic, and we have felt this is our role. 

Thank you for understanding! How can we pray for you today? Submit your responses here!

Bible Study Resources for 6/26/22

Want to engage with the Word how we had intended to together this morning? Check out this resource from our sister in Christ, Laura Gilmore from This Holy Ground, for a new but old way to study Matthew 11:25-30 called Lectio Divina, Sacred Reading!

Another great daily bible study resource is the Lectio365 app! Today, it happened to go through THE SAME passage we were - Matthew 11:25-30. Download the app and check out this resource that you can play audio or read silently from!