Coronavirus Response Plan

- Starting June 2, Connection Groups will resume meeting face to face with social distancing. All who are willing are asked to wear masks until you are spaced out from one another. No food/drinks will be served. Contact your group leader or email the church office for details on each church. 

- Food Pantry and God’s Closet will be available the last 2 Sundays of the month at 12:00 PM, drive-through style at the church. Please remain in your vehicle for the safety of our volunteers. If you are unable to make it, please contact the church office.

- We will be posting via Facebook and the church website several opportunities for daily discipleship. Daily, we’ll post the Scripture readings for the day. We’ll also provide a short liturgy you can use with your household at mealtime as a reminder of communion in lieu of our ability to partake together right now. Scroll down for these options. We’ll also post a Midweek Video for discussion on the Facebook page and YouTube page. Go take a look!

- We will still have expenses as a church during this awkward time and most importantly want to be able to care for our people and community. Please consider continuing to give or giving sacrificially during this time:

  • Drop tithes off safely in our tithe box in the sanctuary on Sundays, sanitizing your hands before you enter the building. 
  • You can give online.
  • You can mail a check to church: Connection Point Church of the Nazarene - HC3 Box 13519, Kea’au, HI 96749
  • One of the pastors can come and collect your tithes as needed. Call Pastor Malorri to schedule (808) 491-5374 or leave a message in the church office (808) 982-5177. 

Sunday Worship Gatherings

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to watch our walkthrough video on Facebook or YouTube of what service will be like, but we’re sending this letter as well to keep everyone informed and unified. Here’s what you can expect on Sunday, June 21 as we resume our face to face gatherings and on through the summer until we sense the Lord’s leading to adjust:


Before Service:

  •  When you arrive, one of our parking lot entrances will be coned off. Please enter on the Paradise Drive side of the parking lot with the “In” sign, where one of the pastors will greet you starting at 9:30 AM. The pastor will give you instructions on your 3 options for worshipping on-site: in your car, under the lanai, or out on the lawn under your own canopy. The pastor will place song lyrics under your windshield wiper, and pass out red leis as needed (more on that in a moment). Then you’ll be instructed to go park. The greeting pastor will sanitize hands between each welcome.
  • All who are willing are encouraged to wear a mask until you get settled where you’ll be sitting for service – pastors and ministry leaders included! Once you’re seated and spaced out, you may lower your mask. We will have extra masks available if you forget yours and would like one.
  • If you’re planning to stay in your car for service, a volunteer will direct you where to park along the grassy side of the parking lot.
  •  Once you’re parked, please proceed to the table marked “Leis & Bibles” under the lanai. The leis are a visual way of helping us love and respect each other in this difficult time. You can also get a paper bible at the table if you did not bring one with you. Choose which lei color the Lord leads you to, considering how to mutually give and receive love in the best way for your situation and others’. No shaming of lei color choices will be tolerated. Please keep your lei and bring it back with you the next week, or you may exchange it for a different color as needed: 
    •  Red: I’m not ready to be interacted with – thanks for keeping your distance from me.
    • Yellow: I want to see everyone, but please stay at least 6 feet away with no touching. Thank you!
    • Green: I am completely comfortable being approached and conversing with you! A quick hug or fist bump followed by hand sanitizer is fine!
  • If you own a pop up canopy, please bring it with you to reserve space for those with mobility issues or no canopies under the lanai. You may bring your own lawn chairs or you may use church chairs. A volunteer will help direct you where to set up so you don’t block the view of others.
  • If you plan to sit under the lanai, chairs will be spaced out for you to use. You may move chairs together for those in your household, otherwise please leave them spaced apart.
  • Please keep all keiki and teens with you at all times. There should be no sharing of toys/technology you’ve brought from home with those outside of your household.
  • No food and drinks will be served as a safety precaution, but also in response to our call to deeper reverence on Sunday mornings. Please eat before you come, and bring plenty of water with you. As we will be outside, you may also consider bringing bug spray and sunscreen.
  • If you’re interacting with others prior to service, raise your mask and be considerate of everyone’s lei color choices. If someone is wearing a different lei color than yours, default to the lowest level of comfort between the two of you. For example: if you’re wearing a green lei, but they’re wearing a red lei – interact with the comfort level of a red lei.
  • The playground and prayer trail/gazebo will be closed at this time.
  • As we’ll be outside for the entire service, we’re asking for no smoking of any kind on the property for the sake of others. Thanks for your cooperation. 

During Worship:

  • If you need the restroom, raise your mask and proceed to the double door entrance of the sanctuary. Sanitize your hands, and then follow the arrows to the restroom. Exit through the hallway and return to your seat.
  • We’ll be using the concrete under the parsonage lanai as our platform. Sound equipment and communion supplies will be out, please leave these alone unless you’re a part of the worship team or pastoral team.
  • If you’d like to give your tithes and offerings, you can use the same sanitizing station and arrows used for the restrooms to drop your tithe in the box on the sanctuary wall. You can also continue to give online at
  • We will be making adjustments to passing the peace and communion to continue safety precautions within our community. 
  • If you’re not yet comfortable to worship in person, we will continue to stream the service on Facebook and YouTube and post the services to our website later. Thanks for your patience with any technical difficulties during our first few weeks back!
  • Leave your cell phone in the car, or turn it off to remove this distraction during worship.
  • We’re so thankful to worship together again – sing joyfully! Bring your bible as screens will not be available, and pray that the Lord would make us ready to receive and then to be sent out into our world to serve. 

After Service:

  •  Food pantry will be available drive-through style after service at the parsonage driveway. Please line up in your vehicle, on your bike, or if you are a walk up by yourself after the completion of the service, not before. We will pray with each person as we distribute bags. 
  • Requests of specific items from God’s Closet can be made and given out if we have it, but no one will be shopping inside.
  • If you’re unable to come to service, please contact the pastors so we can setup a food pantry delivery to you as needed.
  • Remember to take your lei home with you and bring it back next week or exchange it for a different color as your comfort level changes.
  • Continue to pray for one another and get connected in our Connection Groups that are meeting throughout the week! These groups are essential in growing in relationship with the Lord and each other!  

If you have questions, call, text, or stop by the church! We are so thankful that the Church has never been closed and worship has continued throughout the pandemic, but now we can do it face to face again! May the Lord make us the New Church He has given us vision to be!


Pastors Ray & Malorri Seamon

Daily Scripture Readings:

Wednesday, July 1:
  • Psalm 119:145-176; 128, 129, 130
  • Numbers 22:42-23:12
  • Romans 7:13-25
  • Matthew 21:33-46

Thursday, July 2:

  • Psalm 131, 132, 133, 134, 135
  • Numbers 23:11-26
  • Romans 8:1-11
  • Matthew 22:1-14

Friday, July 3:

  • Psalm 140, 142, 141, 143
  • Numbers 24:1-13
  • Romans 8:12-17
  • Matthew 22:15-22

Saturday, July 4:

  • Psalm 137, 144, 104
  • Numbers 24:12-25
  • Romans 8:18-25
  • Matthew 22:23-40

Sunday, July 5:

  • Psalm 146, 147, 111, 112, 113
  • Numbers 27:12-23
  • Acts 19:11-20
  • Mark 1:14-20

Monday, July 6:

  • Psalm 1, 2, 3, 4, 7
  • Numbers 32:1-6, 16-27
  • Romans 8:26-30
  • Matthew 23:1-12

Tuesday, July 7:

  • Psalm 5, 6, 10, 11
  • Numbers 35:1-3, 9-15, 30-34
  • Romans 8:31-39
  • Matthew 23:13-26

Wednesday, July 8:

  • Psalm 119:1-24; 12, 13, 14
  • Deuteronomy 1:1-18
  • Romans 9:1-18
  • Matthew 23:27-39

Thursday, July 9:

  • Psalm 18
  • Deuteronomy 3:18-28
  • Romans 9:19-33
  • Matthew 24:1-14

Friday, July 10:

  • Psalm 16, 17, 22
  • Deuteronomy 31:7-13, 24; 32:1-4
  • Romans 10:1-13
  • Matthew 24:15-31

Saturday, July 11:

  • Psalm 20, 21, 110, 116, 117
  • Deuteronomy 34:1-12
  • Romans 10:14-21
  • Matthew 24:32-51

Sunday, July 12:

  • Psalm 148, 149, 150, 114, 115
  • Joshua 1:1-18
  • Acts 21:3-15
  • Mark 1:21-27

Monday, July 13:

  • Psalm 25, 9, 15
  • Joshua 2:1-14
  • Romans 11:1-12
  • Matthew 25:1-13

Tuesday, July 14:

  • Psalm 26, 28, 36, 39
  • Joshua 2:15-24
  • Romans 11:13-24
  • Matthew 25:14-30

Wednesday, July 15:

  • Psalm 38, 119:25-48
  • Joshua 3:1-13
  • Romans 11:25-36
  • Matthew 25:31-46

Thursday, July 16:

  • Psalm 37
  • Joshua 3:14-4:7
  • Romans 12:1-8
  • Matthew 26:1-16

Friday, July 17:

  • Psalm 31, 35
  • Joshua 4:19-5:1, 10-15
  • Romans 12:9-21
  • Matthew 26:17-25

Saturday, July 18:

  • Psalm 30, 32, 42, 43
  • Joshua 6:1-14
  • Romans 13:1-7
  • Matthew 26:26-35

Sunday, July 19:

  • Psalm 63, 98, 103
  • Joshua 6:15-27
  • Acts 22:30-23:11
  • Mark 2:1-12

Monday, July 20:

  • Psalm 41, 52, 44
  • Joshua 7:1-13
  • Romans 13:8-14
  • Matthew 26:36-46

Tuesday, July 21:

  • Psalm 45, 47, 48
  • Joshua 8:1-22
  • Romans 14:1-12
  • Matthew 26:47-56

Wednesday, July 22:

  • Psalm 119:49-72; 49, 53
  • Joshua 8:30-35
  • Romans 14:13-23
  • Matthew 26:57-68

Thursday, July 23:

  • Psalm 50, 59, 60, 66, 67
  • Joshua 9:3-21
  • Romans 15:1-13
  • Matthew 26:69-75

Friday, July 24:

  • Psalm 40, 54, 51
  • Joshua 9:22-10:15
  • Romans 15:14-24
  • Matthew 27:1-10

Saturday, July 25:

  • Psalm 55, 138, 139
  • Joshua 23:1-16
  • Romans 15:25-33
  • Matthew 27:11-23

Sunday, July 26:

  • Psalm 24, 29, 8, 84
  • Joshua 24:1-15
  • Acts 28:23-31
  • Mark 2:23-28

Monday, July 27:

  • Psalm 56, 57, 58, 64, 65
  • Joshua 24:16-33
  • Romans 16:1-16
  • Matthew 27:24-31

Tuesday, July 28:

  • Psalm 61, 62, 68
  • Judges 2:1-5, 11-23
  • Romans 16:17-27
  • Matthew 27:32-44

Wednesday, July 29:

  • Psalm 72, 119:73-96
  • Judges 3:12-30
  • Acts 1:1-14
  • Matthew 27:45-54

Thursday, July 30:

  • Psalm 70, 71, 74
  • Judges 4:4-23
  • Acts 1:15-26
  • Matthew 27:55-66

Friday, July 31:

  • Psalm 69, 73
  • Judges 5:1-18
  • Acts 2:1-21
  • Matthew 28:1-10

Saturday, August 1:

  • Psalm 75, 76, 23, 27
  • Judges 5:19-31
  • Acts 2:22-36
  • Matthew 28:11-20

Sunday, August 2:

  • Psalm 93, 96, 34
  • Judges 6:1-24
  • 2 Corinthians 9:6-15
  • Mark 3:20-30

Monday, August 3:

  • Psalm 80, 77, 19
  • Judges 6:25-40
  • Acts 2:37-47
  • John 1:1-18

Tuesday, August 4:

  • Psalm 78
  • Judges 7:1-18
  • Acts 3:1-11
  • John 1:19-28

Find a printable version of the year's readings at:

Remembering Christ at Mealtimes

Take a moment before you eat together as a household or as an individual to remember Christ's sacrifice for us. Though we can't partake in communion together right now, we trust that God's grace is still able to meet with us! Christ gave Himself for us not just to make us right with God, but to send us out into our world as servants willing to be broken and poured out like Christ. This is especially important to remember in our world right now!

Here are some ways you can pause to remember the grace poured out upon us at mealtime:

  • Take 30 seconds to all silently thank God for being with you today.
  • Select someone to pray a prayer of thanks out loud for the meal you're about to eat. It can be one sentence, or something longer, but use simple language like you're speaking with Jesus at your table....because you are!
  • Say our words of communion together - have one person prompt by saying, "Let's remember what is true together..." then all respond, "Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again."
  • Finally, have one person read the following blessing or a favorite verse from Scripture, and then enjoy your meal with gratitude:

Be present at our table, Lord,

Be here and everywhere adored.

Bless your people, and grant that we

may feast in paradise with thee. Amen.

– John Wesley